What we do
Paint shop
The paint shop in AMM Manufacturing is the largest and most modern paint shop in the SEE region, which guarantees our customers a high quality of corrosion protection.
The paint shop occupies an area of 3.200 m2 and consists of the production area, technical & administrative block, raw material warehouse outside of the plant in accordance with all required standards.

The production hall is divided into two parts in accordance with the production processes that take place within it to part of the process for shot blasting and part of the process for preparation and painting of parts.

These two processes are physical separated by a metal wall that prevents contamination of the space in which the process of preparation and painting takes place of dust.

Shot-blasting process

Two different materials, steel and aluminum, can be shot in the chamber. The equipment automatically collects, separates and forwards two different abrasives through the mammoth and hose to the part to be shot. The abrasives used for steel shot blasting are (grit/shot/corundum), and aluminum is used for shot blasting silicon oxide. The process is realized in a defined chamber - dimensions: 18.000 x 6.000 x 7.000 mm

Preparation and Painting process

Paint booths are designed to apply and dry water-based and solvent-based paints. These cabins have the ability to adjust the temperature (heating or cooling) during the painting process and adjust the required humidity in the range of 30 to 70% humidity. Also during drying, the maximum drying temperature is 80° C, the equipment allows the necessary amount of moisture to be injected needed for drying water-soluble paints. In addition to the above, the booths have a central dust extraction system for the preparation of painting surfaces, as well as pneumatic platforms that allow operators to move in all three directions and thus reach any part of the work surface. The process is realized in two combined dyeing and drying booths - dimensions: 18.000 x 6.000 x 7.000 mm