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Adhesive bonding
Bonding is the process of joining materials where the joining takes place by means of cohesion known as internal bonding strength, and adhesions - adhesion of the adhesive to the bonded surface.
Bonding is a method of connecting different materials that requires specific processes and techniques

Bonding is a process that requires a complex system management, it is not just an ordinary item of the product portfolio. In relation to welding, thermal affect to the material is avoided. In contrast to mechanical joints, adhesive bonding eliminates the appearance of corrosion, also essentially provides unlimited design possibilities.

Adhesive bonding process
  • Complex specification for adhesive bonding before the start of the project between the client and manufacturer
  • Bonding is such an extensive area that it is not possible to achieve all the prerequisites for training alone performing this activity
  • It is not possible to perform industrial adhesive bonding without technology
  • Production not only performs planning and production directives, but also follows in parallel interoperative quality
  • Glued joints, adhesives, primers and other things have special storage requirements, packing and expedition
Staff qualifications

Bonding personnel are qualified persons who perform all activities related to adhesive bonding inside and outside the company. It can also be considered as a basis for adhesive bonding qualification, based on previous experience. To perform adhesive-bonding and adhesive bonding supervision the following qualifications are recommended:

  • Adhesive bonding personnel → DOC EWF 515 - European Adhesive Bonder
  • Supervisory staff → DOC EWF 516 - European Adhesive
  • European Adhesive Specialist and DOC EWF 517 - European Adhesive Engineer